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Gästehäuser & Ferienwohnungen

Bizarre sandstone rock formations  -  old castle ruins  - lots of nature
this is  “the Wasgau” in the palatinate

We live in Fischbach, a village with a population of 1600 in the middle of the  Dahner Felsenland, also called the Wasgau. Our american visitors might know the area, because they were here as soldiers. Some genealogists will find their roots in the Palatinate.
In Fischbach you can find all facilities like shops, banks, car repair shops and other services. We belong to the “German shoe street”, therefore we recommend  an extensively shoe shopping tour.
We are situated in the center of interesting places, which are easy to reach by car, like Straßbourg/F., Speyer, the german vinery street, the Alsace, different Westwall and Maginot Line Museums, and the 
Schoemuseum in Hauenstein.

South Western Palatinate and the neighbouring Alsace have a long and moving history. This shows the amount of old castles on this and the other side of the former border and the beautiful old half-timbered-house, some even from the 18th century.
You can find as many as 17 castle ruins just south of Fischbach: Blumenstein, Fleckenstein (guided tours) , Froensbourg, Hohenbourg, Lützelhardt, Löwenstein, Petit Arnsbourg, Schöneck, Steinberg, Wasigenstein, Wegelnburg (highest castle in the Palatinate, 572 m) , Wineck, three Windsteinburgen, Wittschlössel und Zigeunerfelsen. North of us you will find 20 more ruins. The Castle of Berwartstein near Erlenbach was renovated and can be visited. It gives you a little insight how people lived in the medivial. Not to forget the Trifels near Annweiler where the famous Richard the Lionheart was kept as a prisoner in the 12th century.

The area around Fischbach with the nature protected Königsbruch is rich on creeks and lakes. Where otters and beavers used to live, the protection of the nature became very important again.
The Palatinate is located in one of Germanys 14 biosphere reservations and is with his 180 000 ha the biggest forest of the country. Together with the Vosges in France they build the 1998 from the UNESCO designated
“Transfrontier Biosphere Reserve Palatinate Forest / North Vosges” .  In 1999 the biosphere house was built in Fischbach and another attraction in 2003, the tree top path. On a wooden path you can walk in the hight of 18 - 25 m and on a length of 200 m between the crowns of  trees.

In case you rather go swimming rent a bicycle and bike to one of our three close by lakes. There was built a net of outstanding bicycle pathes, some asphalted, some lead through the forets and a wooden path brings your bikes dry through the Königsbruch. There will be tours for each condition. A map for biking and hiking tours shows you the nicest tours.

Maybe you would like to look on the Wasgau from above ? We have a little private ariport called “the Söller” between Rumbach and Bundenthal. On Sun- and Holidays if the weather is fine you can go on a flight with the owners on small air planes. It is a special experience !

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